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Dull or stained teeth can be brightened with advanced tooth whitening systems. Dr. Schmutter offers tooth whitening systems, such as Zoom, for fast and effective tooth whitening for her patients at Oradell Family Dentist in Oradell, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do teeth get stains?

Tooth discoloration can occur for several different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for tooth discoloration comes from aging; beverages with heavy coloring such as coffee or red wine; smoking; and sometimes trauma. Medications can also be a cause for tooth discoloration as certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medications can affect the color of the teeth.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a tooth whitening dental service used to make your teeth appear ultra-white. Because the procedure is under an hour to perform, it’s popular amongst those who are looking for immediate results and want to accelerate the process of their cosmetic dental care. It’s also a great alternative to the professional tooth whitening tray systems as it gives immediate results.

How does Zoom work?

The dental hygienist prepares your teeth for whitening by isolating your lips and gums. Afterward, the Zoom Whitening Gel will be applied to your teeth. The Zoom whitening gel is a mix of pH balanced hydrogen peroxide which is used in the removal of deep stains and to treat discoloration. The Zoom light is specifically designed to activate the hydrogen peroxide and help it to penetrate the surface of the teeth to treat the hard to reach stains below the surface. The Zoom gel lightens the stains and makes your teeth six to ten shades whiter. After the whitening gel has been sufficiently absorbed by the teeth, a five-minute fluoride treatment is given, which will decrease the hot and cold sensation. When the process is complete, your teeth will become at least six to ten shades whiter. The entire process takes about an hour or less. Because it’s simple and pain-free, most patients can relax during the whole process, listening to music or watching TV.


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